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Contact us at Phone: 320-438-4001 Email: changinggaitsinc@gmail.com
Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) Equine Assisted Learning (EAL)
Horseback & Trail rides
News stories, Videos and Current Events about Changing Gaits and the work they do in the community.
Testimonials From the people who had their lives changes by Jesus Christ and Changing Gaits.
Donate Help us take care of the horses, With their help we are able to reach people and start healing and help people struggling with addiction and spiritual issues.
Volunteer for events and fund raisers. Be part of the solution.
Sober Living, Providing beds for people that want to live sober and bring Jesus into their lives, Participating in Equine Therapy learning about horses and giving back to people in need.
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Guided Trail Rides are available at 2 locations. Wild River State Park and at Changing Gaits in Brook Park, MN.
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